Day center for women

It is aimed at monoparental familias (single mothers, widows, and so on), women being victims of house violence, immigrants and all those women in general needing it. In the Day Center population in general is given assistance, since iwe do not intend to establish limits or discriminate.
The Day Center counts on different professionals and voluntary people, such as social workers, a lawyer, a psychologist.
Services and activities offered are totally free, being some of the:
  Information and guidance:


Housekeeping economy workshop.
Activities with a double aim: to provide participants with knowledge and skills and abilities and to be a useful framework for living together/cohabitation and free time. They are addressed to everybody.
Some of the workships which have been developed here are the following:

  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • House repairs and odd jobs
  • Basic electricity
  • Handcrsfts

Social skills workshop.
The main objective aimed in this workshop is to be a tool mediating and stimulating participation between women and their social environment, to improve their relationships and to create means to solve conflicts.

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