ISM benefits

ISM (Navy Social Institute): it  has the aim of assisting all the sea workers not o­nly in Spain but also abroad,  favouring their human, professional and socio-economic  improvement, besides the role of running Special Regime of Sea Workers Social Security. Among the competences and functions as far as direct relationship with social services are referred are the following o­nes:

Promotion and assistance of workers’ relatives.

General assistance in case of hard need unable to be satisfied by other regimes, which is suitable to alleviate insufficient resources.

Assistance foe special education, paying special attention to their cultural and human training.

Schools and nurseries for sea workers’ children, either orphans or not.

Economic assistance for their children’s studies. (grants)

Assistance to sailors and fishers of third age and their relatives.

To ask for further information or for any of these services, please address to ISM’s sea house or Provincial  casa del mar or to Dirección Provincial del ISM.