General Guidances

•    Assuming responsibilities and carrying out the parental tasks successfully implies being conscious of your own limitations and personal rights. Ask sometimes for help, learn how to delegate responsibilities when it is necessary and look for support s so as not to be overwhelmed. Enquire about the existing resources for single mothers, such as subsidized nurseries and so on.

•    Create yourself a social circle of support being alternative to your own family. Friends play a different role and can render support from equal to equal. Try to meet other people being in the same situation. It will help you not to feel alone and to share your problems with others who can understand you.

•    Try to fight for your independence, not only economic but also personal. Having your own spaces with your own properties and some incomes gained by yourself will give you the opportunity to make your own decisions and feel freer.

•    Take care of yourself as much as you can. Devote daily time to yourself to keep you in high spirits and collaborate to hold you in high esteem. Do sometimes some things which you like. You have the right to have fun, and there are many ways to do it, which are compatible to a responsible motherhood.

•    Try to get educated, to study or learn a trade which helps you with professional promotion. Study all the possible and available resources to get a job. Take good advice. Information is important to reach your goals.